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08 juillet 2006

Real World Summer Party : a CD was recorded, mixed and duplicated live on the night.

Solid State Logic’s new C300 console helps Real World capture the sounds of its Summer Party

07 July 2006

Over 300 guests who attended a summer party at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios were able to take away a permanent reminder of the event in the shape of a CD that wasrecorded, mixed and duplicated live on the night.

Various artists entertained the guests, including Little Axe, Sevara Nazarkhan, Daby Touré, Adrian Sherwood and Guo Yue, all of whom are signed to Real World Records.
Also on stage was Charlie Winston who is published by Real World Works. Their performances were captured for the CD by Real World engineer Richard Chappell. The evening climaxed with an impromptu performance featuring Peter Gabriel and a ‘special guest’, followed by a spectacular fireworks display.

Solid State Logic’s new C300 digital production console was the unsung star of the show, as it was the versatility of this compact desk that made the recording possible. Although primarily aimed at surround sound music and post production applications, the desk performed magnificently as a live recording console – the first time it has ever been used in this way.

The idea of recording the concert evolved the week before the party when SSL took a C300 to the studio so that invited guests, who included many well-known producers and engineers, would have an opportunity to demo it.

“It occurred to us that as we had such a great desk at our disposal, we might as well make use of it and record the artists’ performances,” said Richard Chappell. “We set up a separate machine room in one of the workshops opposite the main studio and ran the cables overhead to link the two. I then spent a few days with Chris Jenkins, SSL’s Director of Commercial Applications, learning how to operate the console and getting everything set up for the night of the party.”

Chappell adds that the challenge was a tough one, but each set was miked during the afternoon’s soundchecks and snapshots were created on the console so that they could be instantly recalled as each artist went on stage.

One Pro Tools HD system was used to create a 32-track multitrack, which will be incorporated into a DVD of the event at some later stage. A further two Pro Tools systems were used for the stereo mixes and safety copies.

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