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12 juillet 2006

July's lunar heights.

Peter was caught on camera many times this month, but unfortunatly not specifically for a Full Moon Club update, we offer instead a little hybrid alternative for the lunar peak.

As Peter said last month we had a party on the 28th to celebrate 20 years of the studios and showcase new music from Real World Records. Those attending the press conference had a chance to hear some of the near mythical "Big Blue Ball' project that has been undergoing a long gestation, but is now emerging in the skilled hands of producer Stephen Hague. Hear a little of 'Whole Thing' featuring Peter from that project and take an exclusive look at the day here at Real World, with a chance to hear from some of those at the event.

We had amazing performances from Charlie Winston, Guo Yue, Daby Touré, Sevara Nazarkhan and Little Axe, who's stunning set lured the legendary Robert Plant onto the stage with Peter for the end of the night.

Thanks to all those involved, and we hope you enjoy this little teaser!

Watch the clip in The Full Moon Club video section.

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