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11 novembre 2006

"If in doubt, listen"

Artist has his finger on 'signs for peace'

Exhibit opens this weekend

Fingerprints are both unique and universal: Everybody has a set, and everybody has their own set.

Touching on that, a Danish artist has produced a collection of works using the prints of famous folks -- some he obtained from public records -- to create what he calls "signs for peace.''

Opening this weekend at Chicago's Peace Museum, a modest space inside the Gold Dome Building in Garfield Park, Claus Miller's exhibit includes stylized art made from the enlarged imprints of such peacemakers as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, John Lennon and Albert Einstein...

'If in doubt, listen'

Singer Peter Gabriel sent Miller a fingerprint with the line, "If in doubt, listen.''

"I looked for the key-word 'listen' in every Gabriel song and when I found it, I reproduced the digital sound wave, enlarged it, put colors on it, turning it, at last, into a wonderful thunderbolt connected to [his] fingerprint,'' Miller said...

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