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11 novembre 2006

MP rocks on for mobiles scheme

MP Oliver Heald with Peter Gabriel

MP Oliver Heald teamed up with one of his boyhood heroes, rock legend Peter Gabriel, to support a mobile phone recycling campaign.

Both Mr Heald, the MP for North East Herts, and the former Genesis star have been appealing for people to donate their unwanted mobiles to help African countries.

Every hour, 1,712 mobile phones are upgraded in the UK after about 18 months of use - despite having a lifespan of approximately 10 years.

Mr Heald said: "If each mobile phone-user in the UK were to throw away their handsets we'd be land filling about £650,000 worth of silver each year.

"Sending our unwanted mobile phones to developing counties can not only help protect our environment from hazardous waste and toxic chemicals, but can help people in developing countries to do business, keep in touch, and more importantly in emergency cases where the nearest hospital is 90 miles away, people can call for help, making the difference between life and death."

Mr Heald, pictured above with Peter Gabriel, said wider access to communications in Africa was an important element in tackling poverty.

"Having a phone means having a voice and that is the best way to help people out of poverty. It is important that we in the UK help them to help themselves."

"I had all the Genesis albums in my youth. Peter Gabriel is one of the great stars of rock music.

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