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15 février 2007

Why Birds Sing At Real World

Why Birds Sing takes its inspiration from a book of the same name by David Rothenberg - the American musician and philosopher, who puts forward the theory that birds not only sing for courtship and territorial reasons, but also for pleasure. This Endemol documentary, transmitting sometime in March 2007 on BBC4, follows David around - equipped with clarinet and flute - meeting scientists, ornithologists, poets, eccentrics and of course, musicians, including Laurie Anderson, Beth Orton, Jarvis Cocker and Juana Molina. This extraordinary journey climaxed with a recording session in the Big Room at Real World Studios with producer/composers Simon Emmerson and Richard Evans, Kate St John and the Guillemots all collaborating with the real bird samples to create an undeniably funky dance groove. (2006-12-30)

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