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16 septembre 2007

Marie Helvin about Peter Gabriel

Marie Helvin reveals why she turned down the world's most famous lothario

Marie Helvin was the world's most glamorous model and in her candid memoirs, serialised exclusively in the Mail, she reveals in the final part of our extracts, why she turned down the greatest lothario of all...

(...) Then I saw Peter Gabriel on MTV. He was my type of man. And by complete chance, I met one of his agents, who invited me down to visit Peter's studios in Bath. As soon as we met, there was that connection, that livewire charge that tells you something is going to happen, whether it lasts a night or a month or several years. We ended up having a very on/off relationship for a year or so (I was more on and he more off, to be honest). (...)

2 commentaires:

on tour with Gabriel a dit…

C'est pas vrai ? encore une !
Je savais même pas qui c'était ^^

Gabnews a dit…

Gabriel non plus, peut être ;-)