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17 septembre 2007

SA commemorates Steve Biko's death

Steve Biko's message of black pride appealed to many black South Africans

Black Consciousness leader Steve Biko's death in detention 30-years-ago will be commemorated today. Biko died on September 12, 1977, while in the custody of apartheid security police.

Biko's message of black pride appealed to many black South Africans. His death made him a martyr in the anti-apartheid movement and inspired films such as Cry Freedom starring Denzel Washington and British musician Peter Gabriel's anthem Biko.

The secretary-general of the Black People's Convention, Kedibone Molema, says black consciousness is now more relevant than ever. President Thabo Mbeki is scheduled to deliver the eighth Steve Biko Memorial Lecture at the University of Cape Town tonight. Mbeki is expected to focus on the relevance of Biko's legacy and black consciousness in South Africa.

Meanwhile, Azapo leader Mosibudi Mangena says the culture and value of African identity needs to be entrenched in society. Mangena, who is also science and technology minister, says he is concerned about transformation.

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