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01 septembre 2007

WOMAD issues an apology

Organisers of the Womad festival have been forced to apologise to festival-goers amid complaints over poor management. The event, held last month, was marred by torrential rain and freak weather conditions. The report was prepared by organisers in response to a series of allegations posted on the Internet about parking, staff and general management of the site.

A spokesperson for the festival said: "As organisers, we deeply regret the difficulties our customers experienced at the festival. We are disappointed that people feel that not enough was being done when our crew were working 20 hours each day to keep the festival going.Once there are thousands of people on the festival site, how we manage it changes, with public safety being the priority. At its peak, there were 40 tractors on the site pulling both customers and traders to safety. We are disappointed that valued fans and customers believe that in some way we deceived people about the conditions on the site - we did not."

More than 60 people have posted comments on the festival website under the discussion heading, Womad Rip Off'. One customer, known only as Michelles, said: "The site was not family and disabled friendly - it was more like a battle zone. What an awful weekend - I have been going to Womad for 13 years and it was a disgrace to treat loyal festival-goers this way."

1 commentaire:

on tour with Gabriel a dit…

D'accord c'était le bordel, d'accord au niveau sanitaire c'était pas top, d'accord, les pauvres campeurs ont dû sacrément en baver, mais bon... au vu des inondations, les personnes qui craignaient pour leur sécurité auraient dû se douter que le site était pas "sec"... quitte à annuler leur déplacement... c'est juste dommage que pour la première édition du festival en terre des Costwolds les conditions aient été aussi pourries.
Je n'incriminerais sûrement pas en tous cas les personnes (police, personnes du festival peut être en nombre insuffisant) qui ont fait un boulot de dingue pour que le festival aie lieu tout de même - tant bien que mal.
A ceux qui regrettent Reading, le site de Reading était de toutes façons impraticable aux mêmes dates.