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09 mai 2008

Dreamforce Europe: Benioff, Cloudy CIOs and sophisticated Europeans's inaugural European user summit landed in London this week. It was an important gig for the software as a service firm and attracted over 2,000 attendees. So how did it fare?

It was always going to be an interesting one to try to pitch. For the past six years, has hosted its global user gathering, Dreamforce, in San Francisco. That event has grown from being one held in a handful of ballrooms in a downtown hotel to nowadays occupying a sizeable chunk of the city's enormous Moscone conference facility.

This week the next logical development occurred: Dreamforce headed for Europe, landing at London's Barbican Centre, where 2,200 attendees turned up on the first day to hear from CEO Marc Benioff and attend a selection of the 50+ individual conference sessions (as well as hearing from a modest, but inspirational Peter Gabriel on issues of philanthropy and a perhaps slighly out of place Stelios on why we should all fly EasyJet and not BA).


By Stuart Lauchlan, news and analysis editor

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