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08 mai 2008

Pan African Orchestra Thrills Fans

The Pan African Orchestra, one of Africa’s most remarkable pop groups, has made a dramatic re-emergence, after a long absence, as a result of what its conductor, Nana Danso Abiam attributed to ‘budgetary and resource shortfalls’.

Last Friday at the British Council in Accra where a comeback gig was held, the Orchestra gave innovatory renditions, to which, most fans that thronged the occasion were left awestruck. Prominent in the performances were sounds from locally made drums, gong-gong and flute among others which brought to the fans, rhythms of neoclassical Africa music. Occasionally fans applauded while others nod their heads in appreciation.

The show, which saw the patronage of highly-placed persons, was chaired by New Patriotic Party (NPP’s) flagbearer, Hon. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and proudly supported by the Akosombo Textile Limited and Coca Cola Nigeria & Equatorial Africa Limited. The night was also heated with other solo performances from Atongo Zimba and Nii Yartey as well Zozu, a Togolese international performer among others. Each of these artistes gave a first-class performance as did the orchestra.

The Pan Africa Orchestra was founded in 1988, to explore the classical foundation of Africa’s musical heritage. Since then it occupied a preeminent position in the international music arena as a leading exponent of neoclassical African music. It was the first orchestra or musical group in the country to ever top a musical chart in the USA- the New World Music Chart.

It as well turned out to be the only group in the country whose music is distributed worldwide by Virgin Records following a record deal with Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Box, UK. The group is thus expected to step up its work having returned after a long recess.

Story from Ghanabase.Com News

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