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08 février 2009

Gary Go: Take That's top tip

By Mark Savage, BBC News entertainment reporter

Take That have hand picked up-and-coming pop star Gary Go as the opening act on their summer stadium tour. The London-born singer spoke to the BBC News website about his concert plans, his debut album and the patronage of the world's biggest "boy" band. (...)

His debut single, Wonderful, is a shimmering slice of sing-along songcraft. If you can imagine a more uplifting version of Coldplay's Yellow, you'll know exactly what it sounds like.

The lyrics: "You've got to look yourself in the eye and say, 'I am wonderful'", were the singer's personal pep talk after he flunked a job interview at Peter Gabriel's Real World recording studios in Bath.

"I went in to speak with the man himself," he explains, "and I made the mistake of saying I wanted to write my own songs. He looked me in the eye like Yoda and said: 'You should concentrate on your own music.' Afterwards, I was like, 'I've blown this amazing, world-class opportunity'. I was so distraught that I went home, got a little drum machine and just started recording tracks."

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