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08 juin 2005

Northern rock

What will Nelson Mandela and the stars of his Aids concert find in the Arctic? Gwladys Fouché travels to Tromsø to find out Tuesday June 7, 2005 Midnight sun... Driv is a typical Tromsø hang-out, based around an old sea house. Photo: Eiliv Leren/Destinasjon Tromsø You would think that a town 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle would be the worst place in the world to hold a mega rock concert.

But on June 11, Tromsø (pron. Tromseuh) will hold the 46664 Arctic festival to raise awareness of HIV and Aids. 46664 was Nelson Mandela's former prisoner number, now used as a symbol of the campaign against the spread of the disease. The first 46664 concert took place in Cape Town two years ago. This year, Tromsø promises Razorlight, Annie Lennox and Peter Gabriel. And of course, the great man himself.........

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