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06 juin 2005

Star power / When celebrities support causes, who really winds up benefiting?


Whether it's Bono flying to Africa with America's Treasury secretary, Sean Penn visiting Iraq to protest the then-impending war or Bruce Spingsteen stumping and strumming for John Kerry, more stars than ever are pushing their political and social views into the public domain in an effort to change the world.

Whether this is a welcome development depends on your perspective. Organizations that work with the stars are ecstatic for the extra publicity they get. The week Jolie was in Sierra Leone, for example, she could have been promoting her new movie, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," which co-stars Pitt and opens on Friday.

Instead, Jolie chose to pay her own way to Sierra Leone so she could act as a representative for Witness, a New York organization started by a musical celebrity Peter GABRIEL that uses video technology to spotlight human rights causes......

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