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19 juillet 2005

About PRE Records

A fascination in working with interesting voices and great song writing talent has led Peter Gabriel and Real World to launch PRE. This is a new label, a fresh start and an opportunity for a different strand of music to sit alongside Real World Records.

Liverpool-based Sizer Barker provided the final impetus to launch PRE in 2004. Inspired by the songs of Carl Brown and Tim Bruzon, Peter pursued the band for the label and chose them as the support act for his recent European 'Still Growing Up' Tour. Sizer Barker's debut album 'Hotel Juicy Parlour' is the first release on PRE, and is receiving great reviews in the press: "...a sparkling, diverse collection... Well worth a listen," offers the Independent. "Grin inducing good-time melodies meet beautifully fragile acoustically led tracks..." declares Music Week. "...a fine collection of sunny, Sixties-tinged pop songs with pretty melodies and close-harmony choruses," says the Observer.

The second PRE release is from Austrian singer songwriter, Pina, whose second album, "Guess You Got It", is an exceptional collection of songs due out in April 2005. And what drew Peter to these acts ? "With Pina it was the voice that initially attracted me. There's a passion there that I liked. With Sizer Barker it's all about the songwriting. These songs are a combination of futuristic and retro elements, so you can hear a bit of The Beatles in there, but also a really exciting glimpse of the way rock is heading.

"Not only inspiration and enthusiasm but also a degree of frustration have led to the formation of this new imprint."In starting PRE we get an opportunity to highlight some of the artists from our own musical world. I never really wanted to go outside Real World Records but one of the problems with the music business is it's very hard to get stuff racked and firms are cutting space that would have gone to world music, and for some of the acts that are rock or from "our" cultural heritage, they've always had a tough time being put in the world music section," says Peter Gabriel.

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