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19 juillet 2005

Pina - Guess You Got It -

PRE Records - CD

Information : Guess You Got It - which is being issued on PRE, a new Real World imprint - is crammed with songs that already sound like classics.

With Pina augmenting her hypnotic, weather-beaten vocals by playing piano and strumming a second-hand 1970 Strat-Plus, the album often swerves off on surprising tangents. Despite this, it never loses its underlying shape or direction. Pina often experiments with rhythm and texture, but there is nothing vague about her songwriting.

Track listing "Guess You Got It" :

1. I Was Walking
2. Brand New Face
3. Burning
4. Butterfly
5. On Such A Lovely Day
6. Dark Blue And Gold
7. Bucket Of Love
8. Luise Luise
9. You Can't Be My Love
10. Sweet Love

Listen to the whole album !

3 commentaires:

Johnny a dit…

i love the Pina record - it's an amazing album and i really hope she gets some recognition!

Gabnews a dit…

I hope too, johnny, she has a very fascinating voice

Yvo a dit…

Je viens d'acheter son dernier CD, après écoute sur le site "PRE" ... superbe voix et un CD vraiment intéressant, authentique, excellent quoi !