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22 août 2005

Concert FM Radio Broadcast Peter Gabriel

Concert FM Radio Broadcast Peter Gabriel - Composer of the Week. Presented by Kate Mead

Why do I feel justified to talk about Peter Gabriel? Is it because I've played cello at his studio, the Real World, in Box, a village outside Bath? Or because I've run around at night, naked, on Solsbury Hill (it's a Bath tradition)? Or because I've been to WOMAD Festivals on the beach in St Austell, Cornwall, and in the Bowl of Brooklands, Pukekura Park, New Plymouth?

All of the above and more. It's because I'm a fan, a dyed in the wool early-Genesis, WOMAD, Real World, Peter Gabriel fan and my ambition is that in six hours of Composer of the Week, Sunday 4 - Friday 9 September I can show you the various facets to this musical, social and political human being. For more information, click on the link above.


Concert FM

Concert FM is Radio New Zealand's fine music network, broadcasting the best in classical music and contemporary music and spoken features about the music world.

Concert FM broadcasts via 33 FM transmitters around the country. Concert FM reaches about 92% of the population via these transmitters (although, like National Radio, it is also available on the Sky Television satellite service - Sky Channel 102 - which means than it is available to 100% of the population).

Sunday 4 September 9am

Composer of the Week: Peter Gabriel

Presented by Kate Mead CFM

This week’s composer is Peter Gabriel - original and reluctant, pre-Phil Collins, frontman of Genesis, inventor of Stage Dive, solo artist, driving force behind WOMAD, film score composer and founder of the Real World studio and record label.

As the leader of Genesis in the early 1970s, Peter Gabriel helped move progressive rock to new levels of theatricality. In his solo career, Gabriel was no less ambitious but he was more subtle in his methods.

He reached international stardom with a series of groundbreaking videos and the number one single Sledgehammer. Instead of capitalising on his sudden success he began to explore other interests, including recording soundtracks and running his company Real World.

His commitment to promoting political messages through his music came to a head with Biko a song about a murdered anti-apartheid activist which became one of the 1980s biggest protest anthems.

However, just as his solo career was taking off Gabriel participated in a one-off reunion with his former band Genesis to finance his WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) Festival.

Designed to bring various world musics and customs to a Western audience, WOMAD soon turned out to be one of today’s most successful international music festivals.

In this week’s Composer of the Week, Kate Mead looks at one of today’s most diverse musicians.

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