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22 août 2005

Freedom Fighter

J. Poet, Sunday, August 14, 2005

Johnny Clegg's music was the unofficial soundtrack of the anti- apartheid movement. In 1976, Clegg and his friend and musical partner, Sipho Mchunu, a member of the Zulu nation, made an album of Zulu ethnic songs under the name Juluka. Since even radio in South Africa was segregated at that time, the album created problems.
"I'm recording with Tchad Blake at Peter Gabriel's studios in Bath," Clegg says. "He's a good chap with a good sense of space and an ability to get down to the best basic sound for a song. I'm using my band and some invited guests; it's about 40 percent Zulu with some interesting new directions. I'm concentrating on doing two or three good videos -- which I haven't done in 10 years -- finishing the album, shopping it around and touring.

"I want people to see the live show and see the energy we put out. The bottom line is always the live show and exchanging energy with the audience."

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