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24 août 2005

Darkness, Tina and the Full moon

Moon Club News : 19-Aug-2005

Greetings lunatics,

We must apologise for the relatively sparse nature of posts on the site of late. It's been all hands to the pumps here as we work on two new double DVD sets - "Africa Calling - Live 8 at Eden" and 'Peter Gabriel Still Growing Up, Live and Unwrapped" - watch this space for more on these DVDs. All I can say is that we are pumping hard, but the water's still up around our necks.
We have however found a moment to mark the the full ripeness of the moon which should be sailing overhead some time this evening, and it should be noted that this months choice of a 'Darkness' demo is no reflection on the generally light and summery mood at Real World. This rendering of the track dates from 1996 and is relatively early in it's life-cycle, coming before the band have played a note on the track.

Tina has also made an update to her pages, so why not download some Darkness and ponder the origins and meaning of lines like “…did I dream this belief? Or did I believe this dream?

Download Darkness

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