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06 septembre 2005

Leaders Of the Free World


Leaders Of the Free World

Released: 12/09/2005

New single Forget Myself - with its Peter Gabriel-esque jolly video and marching beats - might have fooled you into thinking we're getting a more upbeat Elbow.

But you're never going to get an easy emotional ride with these Mancunian boys. The heartbroken-o-meter is in danger of self-combustion as Guy Garvey wraps his gravely tones round a fine selection of slices of torment on Leaders Of The Free World.

While many musicians addicted to writing about their own pain and confusion can produce the musical equivalent of nails down a blackboard, this bagful of anguish is a delight. If that's the right way to put it.

Tracks like The Stops and Station Approaching are bound to become tunes that get stuck on the stereo late in the evening when you need to listen to someone who's had as crap day as you. Cathartic ain't the word.

Jools Long

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