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24 février 2008

Candid Records Launch New Label Imprint Cake

London based label, Candid Records have launched a new imprint as a platform for new dynamic bands and artists at the forefront of the British jazz music world. Cake reflects a new A & R strategy and move towards instrumental jazz that is forward thinking with a contemporary edge and includes artists such as The Blessing and The Neil Cowley Trio.

The Blessing
are four seasoned musicians who have played with bands such as Portishead, Goldfrapp and Peter Gabriel and now producing some of the edgiest and freshest jazz/rock around at the moment. They have stormed onto the UK jazz scene, taking riffs and rhythms from rock and dance music and artfully welding them onto fearsomely inventive improvisation. The Blessing's catchy, rocking tunes and snappy arrangements create a genre-bending blend of sounds that is all their own. The album 'All Is Yes' is now available on CAKE (audio sample now available on and this exciting band are currently on tour of the UK.

The Neil Cowley Trio is jazz act with a unique voice. Witty, dynamic and exciting, their themes feature catchy hooks, soulful moments and thrilling climaxes. After stints with artists such as Pasadenas, Gabrielle, Brand New Heavies, Zero 7 and his own band, Fragile State, Cowley formed a jazz trio and released his debut album 'Displaced' to huge critical acclaim (BBC Jazz album of the year 2007). With Richard Sadler on double bass and Evan Jenkins on drums, Cowley has assembled a master jazz trio. The NCT is set to release its debut for the Cake label 'Loud..Louder...Stop!' due for UK release on 31st March 2008.

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