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29 mai 2008

Rock in Rio: power chords against climate change

Don’t be a part of any energy [r]evoultion you can’t dance to

Lisbon, Portugal — Anyone who has ever thrown on a pair of headphones when pondering a problem knows that music can induce inspiration. Our politicians aren't very inspired at the moment, so we're asking the musicians and crowd at the Rock in Rio festival in Lisbon to compose a small symphony of musical encouragement to help them to crack the climate protection conundrum. Want to join in? (...)

Logic isn't working

The logic behind the need for an energy [r]evolution is impeccable. But when it comes to the G8 leadership, it doesn't seem to have been loud enough to be heard or to lead to action. So it's time to crank up the volume. To ELEVEN.

Music has been a powerful motivator for Greenpeace over the years. Our first voyage was funded by a concert - a benefit that Joni Mitchell and Phil Ochs threw in Vancouver, bringing along surprise guest James Taylor. A rock compilation album, Breakthrough, with artists Talking Heads, Belinda Carlisle, REM, Pretenders, Eurhythmics, Grateful Dead, Thompson Twins, Bryan Adams, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Hornsby, Dire Straits and Sting launched our first office in the Soviet Union. Green Day and Michelle Shocked have been helping promote our efforts to convert the guitar industry to sustainably-sourced wood.

U2 has taken action with us against the Sellafield nuclear complex, Gianna Nanini has been arrested with us protesting nuclear weapons testing, Bryan Adams has gone seat to seat in a stadium in Tokyo with other Greenpeace volunteers leafletting against whaling at one of his concerts, and countless others have dedicated royalties and time to singing out our message.

At Rock in Rio, we’ve decided to enlist the help of a musical revolutionary, Ludwig van Beethoven, in trying to reach the G8 leaders with our message.

From 1804 to 1808, Beethoven wrote the score for one of the most stormy, elaborate and magnificent compositions ever to startle and inspire the world: the 5th Symphony. (That’s the one that goes dit-dit-dit-DAH.) Two centuries later, it is still having an impact. Research suggests that the pattern of notes in the 5th actually helps our brains work better and promotes creative thinking. During Rock in Rio in Lisbon, we are hoping this inspiring piece of music will inspire world leaders to take action against climate change at the next G8 summit. (...)

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