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25 mai 2008

WOMAD wonder

Former Seagry school head teacher James York Moore, whose giant paper sculptures Eilmer and the Mighty Jackdaw caused a stir at last year's Malmesbury carnival, has taken his talent to Spain for the WOMAD team.

He and fellow artist Hilary Cox were recruited by the worldwide organisation to run a workshop for the festival in the ancient town of Cacares.

The association began when Hilary's husband Steve, who is chairman of the carnival committee, approached the Charlton Park event organisers and suggested sculptures made by Mr York Moore and the pupils at Lea School could feature in the children's parade.

Because of the appalling weather and the knee deep mud, the parade was cancelled. But the artwork was displayed in the children's tent and caught the imagination of the WOMAD foundation.

As a result Mr York Moore, a Malmesbury School community governor and one of the editors of the Jackdaw, was asked to run workshops at festivals in the Canary Islands as well as in the world heritage site, Cacares.
"It is a very interesting organisation to work for," he said. "Having WOMAD on our doorstep gives the town a wonderful opportunity to make the most of the talented artists and performers who visit the area.

"As a former local head teacher, who has worked closely with the WOMAD Foundation the educational benefits for local schools are limitless."

In Spain he and his Cactus Crew helped local children create banners, totems and a giant lizard on a desert theme before leading a procession through the narrow medieval streets.

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