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25 juillet 2008

Peter's July Update

on Full Moon Club :

Peter's doing the right thing and taking a month off from Full Moon updates in order to fully pursue his increased paternal responsibilities.

As you can see from our clip, time is flying past at Real World, so hopefully Peter will be back on Moon Club duty before you know it. We've grabbed a song- Ngadu Gwe from The Zawose Family's 'Small Things Fall From The Baobab Tree' CD to accompany the video and thank you for dropping by.

The Zawose Family are at The Edinburgh Festival this year: Along with Children of the Khmer, who can also be seen at

WOMAD Charlton Park this month: Where Peter will be giving a talk with Karl Wallinger about Big Blue Ball, a record that brings us back to The Zawose's as it features the late lamented Dr Hukwe Zawose on the track Forest:

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