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23 juillet 2008

Police promise tough stance at WOMAD

By Lois Avery, This Is Wiltshire.

Drugs, traffic and thefts are top of the police agenda for this weekend's WOMAD festival at Charlton Park. Officers have vowed to take a tough approach to drugs and will be searching anyone suspected of carrying illegal substances. A mobile police station will be on site and hundreds of uniformed and plain clothes officers will be patrolling day and night.

Another top priority will be traffic management following last year when the A429 was jammed from the M4 to WOMAD in Charlton Park and parked cars blocked householders from their own homes by parked cars. This year police have been working closely with the festival's organisers to clamp down on illegal parking .

A towing system will be in operation in Milbourne and along lanes surrounding the festival. Co owner of Abbey Taxis Brian Slade said: "It was a total nightmare last year with the the poor management of the traffic. This year I think they may have been able to come to terms with some of it but we will have to wait and see. We will be keeping well clear of WOMAD If anyone wants taxis to-ing and fro-ing they won't be ours unfortunately. As a business we've decided to keep out of the way. though. It's just not ideal with only one main road in and out and then three little farm gates for access."

Chief Inspector for North Wiltshire Gavin Williams, who is overseeing the WOMAD policing operation, said: "Last year's situation was appalling because of the rain but unfortunately we can't control that so we've done other things. There will be contractors towing away cars that aren't parked legally. It will be clear where you can park and we won't accept any rule breakers. Secondly we've got increased number of officers in uniform and plain clothes as well as outside security to stop tent thefts. Covert Capture Tents will be dotted around the festival site to help catch would-be thieves. The tents will be set up by police and will contain traceable goods that will lead them directly to the culprit". Chief Insp Williams added: "Our message is that if people want to come and commit crimes at WOMAD we will find them and arrest them."

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