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03 septembre 2008

Ambassador of Conscience 2008

Art for Amnesty, on behalf of Amnesty International, are proud to announce that Peter Gabriel is the recipient of the Ambassador of Conscience Award 2008.

'For over 25 years Peter Gabriel has, through his involvement with the pioneering Amnesty International music tours 'of the 1980's, his establishment and promotion of "Witness", and his more recent inspiration which lead to the creation of "The Elders", been at the very vanguard of the struggle for human rights and justice around the world.'
said Art for Amnesty's Bill Shipsey.

'Any one of the above would have justified his selection as an Amnesty International 'Ambassador of Conscience' continued Shipsey. 'To have pioneered all three is a remarkable achievement from an even more remarkable man.'

The Award will be presented to Peter Gabriel at a ceremony in London on September 10th 2008 which will also mark the launch of Amnesty International's global 'Small Places Tour 2008'.

The Ambassador of Conscience Award, now in its fifth year, recognises exceptional individual leadership and witness in the fight to protect and promote human rights.

Nelson Mandela

Johannesburg, 2006

U2 & Paul McGuinness
Santiago, 2005

Hilda Morales Trujillo &
Mary Robinson
Madrid, 2004

Václav Havel
Dublin, 2003

‘What is Peter Gabriel's secret? He has a heart—in our part of the world, we would give him our highest accolade and say, "He has ubuntu." It is that marvelous quality that speaks of compassion and generosity, about sharing, about hospitality. He has ubuntu, and he deserves this latest accolade richly’.

Desmond Tutu, Member of 'The Elders'

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