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03 septembre 2008

Preview: Spin: the art of cover design, Arts Gallery, London

Reviewed by Charlotte Cripps, Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The designers who struck up the brand

The designer Peter Saville, whose Factory Records artwork included Joy Division and New Order album covers, knows more about the art of record sleeve design than most. Along with Dylan Jones, the editor of British GQ, and Faris Rotter, the lead singer of The Horrors, who recently created album artwork for The Charlatans, Saville has chosen some of the best LP cover art of the past 40 years for this show of work by former students of University of the Arts London. (...)

(...) he says. "I have never been given a brief by a record company, except in 1986, when I was told to bring Peter Gabriel forward as a personality. He was the type to hide behind a tree for a photo shoot, as he didn't want to be a pop star" (...)

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