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23 novembre 2008

We7 Challenges Piracy With Biggest Ever Free Music Giveaway

LONDON, November 11 /PRNewswire/

Listen Free and Buy What You Love at We7's Big Listen

Today is great news for music fans and bad news for piracy, as millions of tracks from artists including Kings of Leon, Pink, Nickelback, and Estelle will be legally and instantly accessible on, as We7 launches its full music service.

We7's 'Big Listen' Launch Campaign delivers:- - On-demand, unlimited and Instant access to full tracks and Albums - FREE - "Search, Click & Play"- an easier and better alternative to piracy - A 'Celestial Jukebox' of millions of great tracks - 'Play Anywhere' - new link and play system empowering blogs and websites - Rights Owners and Artists get PAID

As an easier and better alternative to piracy, We7 gives music fans unlimited access to millions of great tracks from major record labels and Independents across all genres, to listen to for FREE and on-demand. The We7 difference is that while fans get free music , rights owners and artists get paid by We7 utilising both audio and digital advertising, so it's a win-win situation for all.

Whatever their music taste, all music lovers have to do at is 'Search, Click and Play' and they can listen to full tracks and albums of their favourites artists instantly, We7 also delivers the choice music fans have come to expect, by adding up to 30,000 tracks a day to its outstanding 'celestial jukebox' of over 3 million licensed tracks, including many new releases as they become available.

Music fans can create personal playlists, share their favourites with their friends and buy the music they love at We7's download store, where they can download high quality mp3 downloads which are compatible with iPods and most other digital players.

We7 introduces its 'Play Anywhere' dream, where any web reference to music, tracks, albums or artists in any article, blog or website can be played instantly, wherever you are online. This will allow music fans, websites and bloggers to share and play music anywhere on the web via We7 widgets and links.

We7 CEO, Steve Purdham, said: "It was just 18 months ago that we had the dream of delivering great music that's free and legal for consumers and where artists and rights owners get paid. Today that dream's a reality. We7 has great music and that builds great audiences which will be highly valuable to brands and advertisers. We're hugely proud of our great service and very excited to be delivering it to the benefit of music fans, artists and brands alike".

Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive at the BPI commented: "Record labels are licensing a wide variety of new business models so music fans can access the music they want, when, how and where they want it, while respecting the rights of artists. We7 is a very good example of how the music business is leading the digital content revolution. But for digital entrepreneurs like We7 to continue innovating and investing in new services for consumers, we must tackle illegal downloading, which undermines the business case for all legal services. The BPI's new partnerships with Government and internet providers aim to ensure that digital Britain can realise the enormous value that music and other creative works offer, if their value is respected."

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