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25 janvier 2007

Davos as the Gateway to Millions Via the Media

Here's a shot of Peter doing an interview with Reuters in Second Life. You can see his avatar on the computer in the background. When he saw it he quipped: "OH, I've lost weight!"

There are media swarming this place and fortunately for WITNESS we have Peter Gabriel as an ally. Today, we did substantive interviews about our work and a range of human rights issues including our campaign with our partners CPT and CEJIL in Brazil to end the cycle of slavery into which 25,000 Brazilians fall each year.

I hope to get a short film we produced with our partners featuring interviews from many people enslaved inside Brazil to President Lula who is here this week. We talked to Reuters, TV8 (Switzerland's prime time news channel), Globo (Brazil), BBC Channel 4 radio (prime time news program), another radio program syndicated throughout the Americas, and the One documentary which is still in production and will include interviews with the Dalai Lama and scores of other leading voices for peace.

And then I can't resist....Peter with a Swiss doctor inspecting his nostrils. I took him to the infirmary for some cough medicine and he got a full review! He says he owes me one for this...


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