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29 juin 2008

New Peter Gabriel - "Down To Earth," Plans To Cover Vampire Weekend

Gabriel co-wrote "Down To Earth" with Thomas Newman. It's from Wall-E, the greatest robot movie ever made (98% at Rotten Tomatoes). Supposedly the song plays during the credits -- it's 6-minutes long, so that makes sense. You can purchase "Down To Earth" at the usual sites for purchasing tracks like Amazon. It's not bad. Maybe we're just glad it's not Randy Newman.

Also, Gabriel told BBC 6Music that he's a fan of/might cover Vampire Weekend's "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa." As he put it, "I actually do like that song a lot and they've asked me to sing a version of it now which I may well do." Will he wear a white suit? If you're not keeping track of VW tracks, it's the song that mentions Gabriel by name. His thoughts:

"Well I haven't quite worked that out whether I should be doing that or substituting it with a name that might be appropriate to me -- I think playing with yourself makes you go blind after a while."

You can read the rest at Gigwise. While we're filling you in on Gabriel's whereabouts, you ought to know that he finished Big Blue Ball. As of three days ago. It only took 17 years. Also, if you need more PG, he has some online projects like The Filter (slogan: "Entertainment Filtered For You") as well as the We7 download site. Note: We7 has no Peter Gabriel on it.

by Brandon, Stereogum

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