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29 juin 2008

WALL•E- An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack Review

Despite the sub-title of this album (Original Score By Thomas Newman), the composer's lush score is book-ended by a couple of Michael Crawford performances culled from a Broadway production of Hello, Dolly!, as well as a new Peter Gabriel Tune. Also tucked away amongst the elements of score is a Louis Armstrong classic. (...)

The Peter Gabriel number, "Down To Earth", at first comes off like one of those Oscar ready film ditties that seem to pop up on Disney films with regularity (Think Elton John's contributions to The Lion King and Phil Collins' work on Tarzan). Basically a mid-tempo ballad, it is built around keyboards and languid basslines, over which Gabriel delivers his warmly gruff vocals. The chorus kicks things up a notch with reverb and ecstatic handclaps, gospel/world music vocals soon slip into the mix, creating a sense of jubilation and immersive. In the end, as is the case with much of Gabriel's work, the simplistic overtones reveal a richly textured progressive pop gem that will work its way under your skin with seductive catchiness and send ripples of happiness up and down your spine. (...)

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