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02 juillet 2008

Emmanuel Jal Makes A Big impression At Mandela Bash

From Antimusic :

(Noble PR) Former Sudanese child soldier turned rapper, Emmanuel Jal, received rave reviews for his explosive performance of the song 'Emma' with the Soweto Gospel Choir at the '46664 Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Concert' in London's Hyde Park on June 27th. He was introduced by Peter Gabriel who proclaimed him as "having the potential of a young Bob Marley."

"I met the next artist about 3 years ago and was enormously impressed with this young man from Sudan," said Peter Gabriel, as he introduced Emmanuel Jal at the 46664 Nelson Mandela concert. "His brutal childhood as a 7 year old child soldier taught him to be a mindless killing machine. People expected Mandela to come out of 27 years in jail calling for revenge but he came out calling for forgiveness, compassion and collaboration."

"This next artist came out of the horror of a brutal war, a brutal childhood with a clear voice calling out against violence, hatred and materialism. He's gonna have a huge influence in the world way beyond his music. He's still developing and exploring his musical voice, but I think you have the opportunity to see someone with the potential of a young Bob Marley. Please give an enormous welcome to the amazing Emmanuel Jal."

'Emma' will be released as a digital download single on iTunes from 22nd July. Taken from Jal's new critically acclaimed album 'Warchild', 'Emma' is dedicated to the British Aid worker Emma McCune, who rescued Emmanuel Jal from a continued existence as a child soldier. Emma adopted Emmanuel and smuggled him to Kenya to begin a new life, where he could grow up safe and get an education. Sadly, a few months later Emma died in a car accident. A film based on Emma's life, 'Emma's War, directed by Tony Scott (Enemy of the State), is due for theatrical release in 2009.

Watch Peter Gabriel's intro and Emmanuel's performance of 'Emma' at the Mandela concert here :

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