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25 juillet 2007

Dazzle Dreams to play

Ukrainian electro-band Dazzle Dreams finally presented their long-awaited debut album to Ukrainian audiences and have already planned a series of club concerts, “D.Dreams Club Party,” to get their present and future fans fully acquainted with their work. The official presentation of the album took place June 23 during the ethno-symphonic show “Groove Inspira” in the Green Theater with the participation of the symphonic orchestra and some original musicians.

Dmytro “Dimitriy” Tsyperdyuk, and Serhiy “Shura” Gera, are, each in his own way, notable figures on the Ukrainian music scene. The first one is a well-known music producer, composer and show director – an Honored Artist of Ukraine, by the way. The second one is known as a long-term member of Skryabin, presently playing for Druha Rika band and Molotov 20 (a solo project). In addition, Gera also created the CD series “Modern Interpretation of Traditional Ukrainian Music,” and participated in the latest album by Katya Chilly.

However all that was apparently not enough for the two ambitious creative people, and Tsyperdyuk and Gera spent the last year developing the Dazzle Dreams project. Actually, the project first appeared a few years ago, but it wasn’t until later that the concept of the band was fully formed, now offering a certain innovation to Ukrainian music. Dazzle Dreams easily stands out among local musicians, performing its synthe-pop mixed with expressive, bright elements of ethno-lounge, combined with English lyrics. Their single “Shock Your Mind” can now be widely heard on the radio.

In spite of the short history of the band, Dazzle Dreams has already co-operated with such famous names as Peter Gabriel and ethno-electronic formation Afro Celt Sound System. Together with the latter and Nazarkhan Sevara they have created a remix of a single “My Secret Bliss.”

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