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26 juillet 2007

Festival's green solution for mobiles

Revellers at this weekend's WOMAD festival in Wiltshire will be able to recharge their mobile phones using wind power, thanks to a charity's bid to raise awareness of renewable energies. The wind-powered turbine will be installed at the festival site, near Malmesbury, by the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. Staff from the Trust will encourage festival-goers to recharge their phones by plugging them in to batteries attached to the turbine, which converts wind power into electricity.

Steve Pagett, the Trust's fundraising events officer, said: "When you are part of a 20,000 throng spread over hundreds of acres of farmland, keeping in contact with your friends is really important. To help people get maximum enjoyment from the event we are running a Mistral wind turbine with two-metre diameter blades, sponsored by npower renewables, to make sure that mobile phones can be recharged. Ideally people should be thinking about minimising their energy consumption, but the Trust is also looking for new ways to support access to renewable energy."

The Trust believes tackling environmental issues such as global warming is vital to conserving wildlife. Mr Pagett added: "It's important that we emphasise the benefits of renewable energy to the festival-going audience and gain their support for wider conservation and environmental action. Now that WOMAD, a festival that celebrates global music, is located in a stunning corner of Wiltshire, we are hoping that everyone will see the thread between preserving our own natural beauty and protecting the environment globally."

WOMAD (World Of Music Arts and Dance) runs from tomorrow until Sunday.

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